Fizbo - Simply rent - From owner

iOS devices

Searching for a rent or accommodation, want to rent your place by getting rapidly discovered by your potential customers - Fizbo comes to help you by innovating and simplifying the whole rent process.

Android devices

We give you the precise rent location through an interactive map that allows you to quickly discover rents or get discovered by potential customers.

Fizbo Simply Rent

The platform gives you all the needed tools to directly get in contact with the owner or your potential guests. Did we mention that it's free?

Rent using Fizbo :

* Free platform
* Directly access a rent or add a rent using the interactive map
* Support for rents and accommodations
* Add a rent in less than 2 minutes
* Search for a rent or accommodation by location, price, rooms etc.
* View rent details: pictures, contact, location, number of views etc.
* Manage your account
* Report a rent
* Anonymous access (doesn't require log in)